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People with a brain get to decide what is superstitious nonsense. Gods are superstitious. Indoctrinating children is nothing short of evil.

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Zulusida 8 months ago
You?ll make me blush
Macage 8 months ago
That;s nothing but propaganda, what does the DATA say?
Arashisar 8 months ago
yes i know your comment was not about
Mabei 8 months ago
You have a personal relationship with your car.
Mirg 8 months ago
We are discussing gods and not fathers.
Dojar 8 months ago
Meaning anti-Self defense at the very least.
Sasho 7 months ago
No, Wait! Come back, there's more!
Niktilar 7 months ago
That's ok, we love ya anyway.
Doulabar 7 months ago
I'm making popcorn as we speak.
Mami 6 months ago
We?ve seen nuns ordered to buy contraceptives.
Kazik 6 months ago
Jan 10 2017. Buzzfead publishes.
Tahn 6 months ago
She wants to be a media star.
Doull 6 months ago
VET Day...Victory European Trade Day.
Arashizuru 6 months ago
Take that offensive piece of crap down
Branos 5 months ago
Then reject socialism which creates and sustains that situation.
Mimuro 5 months ago
Really, there's hope for me yet
Mazusar 5 months ago
Laws of reality? What do you mean?
Kajitilar 5 months ago
So you're the one people keep mistaking me for.
Kagamuro 5 months ago
Except when he does.

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