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Well, it's just a ritual carried over from pagan Arabia before Islam. Also, it's considered "shirk" in Islam to associate partners (these planets) with Allah. Shirk, in this case, planet worship or veneration, is the worst sin in Islam that there is which is weird because all Muslims are supposed to do Hajj once.

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Samukus 8 months ago
You done cracked the case, Columbo
Kaganos 8 months ago
Drama Queen for the day. Congratulations!
Sanos 8 months ago
Really? Okay, show me. I want to see proof.
Shalkis 7 months ago
You know what I call a stress test ?
Kazralkree 7 months ago
"You can surrender, sell or transfer inalienable rights"
Tacage 7 months ago
not, it's not precisely.
Zulubar 7 months ago
They were cults long before they were churches
Akizshura 7 months ago
Do you understand why you reasoning is flawed?
Munris 6 months ago
By all means...You'll be happy you tried smetana.
Dabei 6 months ago
Haha I was trying to help someone else
Shakagor 6 months ago
are you sure you're looking in the right place?
Tok 6 months ago
Oh taller than me lol
Fet 5 months ago
So you live with parents or with friends

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