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977 06:576 months ago

Sanders doesn't have to call on anyone she does not want to. The pecking order at the press room should be on a lotto system. Put your card in a bowl, and sanders will draw out a name.

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Goll 6 months ago
yes.. thank you ??
Sham 6 months ago
Like the Jews could coerce the romans. Lol
Barr 6 months ago
Not intended to be.
Kajira 6 months ago
Intellectual exercises can be fun for some.
Yozshutilar 5 months ago
That is the UK political diagram.
Kebei 5 months ago
lol lovely ....looks funky
Kazicage 5 months ago
John says. I don't buy it.
Sasar 5 months ago
The bakers are allowed to have their religious beliefs.
Dasida 5 months ago
Kill one of them?
Vigor 4 months ago
And what is your source for that?
Mazuk 4 months ago
No. Those are facts.
Guzshura 4 months ago
Anyone notice her initials are DDT?
Mikagami 4 months ago
Yeah lol.. I love talking to you
Grocage 4 months ago
Violent ?religions? should be banned.
Vudoktilar 4 months ago
wtf are you talking about?
Meztitaur 3 months ago
& you are my crush ..
Kajigor 3 months ago
Billions of dollars: The price of Justin's virtue signalling.
Neramar 3 months ago
I know. I hear the rattle.
Balar 3 months ago
11/1 Thursday night... gonna be a good game ??????
Majora 3 months ago
Oh snap......I'm ordering one of those tonight!
Brale 2 months ago
Just attracted to my beautiful wife! ;-)
Akinojar 2 months ago
That's right. I remember hearing that somewhere.
Zulkigrel 2 months ago
Walkaway is a hoax.
JoJokasa 2 months ago
Punctuation is not your strong suit.
Moogurg 2 months ago
Genetics is potential, not act. Try again, buddy.
Brasho 2 months ago
Yes. Dumb question.Nice straw-man.
Mot 1 month ago
I want barbacoa .. Hispanic style. Nacatamal too
Goltikinos 1 month ago
An attractive wage? What are you, a Communist?

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