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754 07:5210 months ago

I love how you righties think objective news is "fake" just because it isn't full of all the hyperpartisan right-wing propaganda that Postmedia spews.

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Taukora 10 months ago
Jolly're entitled to the product of your imagination.
Daimuro 10 months ago
what was your old profile ???
Daizil 10 months ago
I don't believe in anything.
Disida 9 months ago
I think you have broken Disqus.
JoJogis 9 months ago
I didn't count. How many were there? Good grief.
Aragami 9 months ago
You'll wear it well.
Mobei 9 months ago
Makes total since, your a wise man brother.
Zurr 8 months ago
Making up lies to agitate people is wrong.
Shakabar 8 months ago
You are something! LOL!????
Moogushicage 8 months ago
One could just as easily say
Dougore 8 months ago
Thank you for this ?
Gashakar 8 months ago
Ask Zimbabweans how expropriation worked out for them...
Dugrel 8 months ago
Lol. I promise I'll be good, honest.
Gushakar 8 months ago
Anxiously awaiting his answer
Kazragul 7 months ago
You are the one making irrational accusations...

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