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378 06:0510 months ago

Can I stand in your store after you tell me to leave?

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Meztiktilar 10 months ago
And Rick Fraser wins the Poe award.
Vudotaxe 10 months ago
??*blushing..smug is the same ????
Nikogore 9 months ago
Making my point by deflection.
Mugrel 9 months ago
We'll try again next week... LOLOL!!!
Tasida 9 months ago
It looks like they do.
Baktilar 9 months ago
LOL, there is that.
Gardalar 9 months ago
Oh, a clever one. Now do Roger Corman.
Mezigar 9 months ago
You are funny in a sort of pathetic way.
Mizshura 8 months ago
Is it really strawberry blonde ?
Mezira 8 months ago
Start a war with a nuclear power? What rubbish.
Gojind 8 months ago
On my way to work, same ol ish
Moogurr 8 months ago
sorry my voice is not good like singers ....LOl
Gom 7 months ago
But, but, but. ... racism!!!!!.....bigotry.......Islamopgobia!!!!!!
Dom 7 months ago
Search Mother Teresa Christopher Hitchens for a real explanation.
Dikus 7 months ago
Yes he is too??
Julrajas 7 months ago
Carpenter ?. level . ?
Nagor 7 months ago
Another example of the willfully ignorant.
Zuhn 6 months ago
What created the Laws of Physics?
Arashimuro 6 months ago
The California Raisins are clearly Obama voters.
Shakasar 6 months ago
I disagree but eh
Yozshutaur 6 months ago
diminutive sackless cuck isn't he?

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