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857 13:417 months ago

They won?t cut all ties because they know Trump?s temporary. But they may decide to teach us a painful lesson, and then make us come to them to try and deal after Trump?s gone.

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Kanris 7 months ago
Ha! That?s ma boo.. dropping hard truth. ??????
Fekus 6 months ago
Nice seeing you as always Miss Suisun.
Kalmaran 6 months ago
I love that. You?re great to talk to.
Shanos 6 months ago
in to the storm
Mekora 6 months ago
Glad I could make ya laugh Miss Wild Child.
Tujin 5 months ago
What, you don't believe in coincidences?
Tygogrel 5 months ago
I'm a skeptical agnostic.
Tojajas 5 months ago
Some people only learn the hard way
Kigabar 5 months ago
Clearly one of us does not understand them.
Shakale 4 months ago
I'm not that diabolical.
Vozil 4 months ago
Oh is Saturday your birthday too.
Taucage 4 months ago
Nah. The concrete gave me an invitation
Aralkis 4 months ago
?The world is turning into a Troll farm.
Vijora 4 months ago
his digging to find the drain?
Malara 3 months ago
Sure, there's a lot of love to Kafirs here:
Masho 3 months ago
Take that offensive piece of crap down
JoJozragore 3 months ago
I control more of the world than your god.
Brakazahn 3 months ago
Are you doubting it, blasphemous nonbeliever? ;)

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