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178 16:147 months ago

Actually there are a number of us. We've been around for a while.

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Dohn 7 months ago
Haha thats the dumbest comment. Good job
Teramar 6 months ago
A scholar of Islam they trust, I guess.
Akirg 6 months ago
I meant trying to appear non partisan.
Dikinos 6 months ago
True, but that is how that story ends.
Goltile 6 months ago
Belly Dancing is big in some countries, no?
Tagul 6 months ago
Thats a cute name, what kind of cat?
Neshakar 6 months ago
Yes.I was getting that certain feeling .
Taut 5 months ago
So, let me ask you this:
Kagamuro 5 months ago
There are two types of agnosticism
Daishakar 5 months ago
I will not wait
Zulkizil 5 months ago
That's actually kinda funny. LOL
Moogulkree 5 months ago
Next he will be cut off by the banks.
Faujind 5 months ago
Okay. how is that relevant?
Nikozuru 5 months ago
What do the majority of Christians teach?
Zulkisar 5 months ago
They are a race. Genetically.
Akinora 4 months ago
Ask whom? My children?
Moogujora 4 months ago
I would like to insert a thought here.
Mutilar 4 months ago
thanks for that link
Yolabar 4 months ago
It's a sad world they live in.
Kazradal 3 months ago
Like when Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Kahn?
Shakazragore 3 months ago
I don't recall saying all .
Groll 3 months ago
Lots of folks had issues with that as well....
Zolojinn 3 months ago
What is an NFL?
Vular 3 months ago
Morning folks. What to do today?

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