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459 12:2010 months ago

I would recommend the movie "Targeted" to better understand the US version of gun law.

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Nik 10 months ago
it's capitalism, this is socialism...
Faesho 10 months ago
He didn't make money, though.
Vudojora 10 months ago
fedex overnight ain't gonna work?
Tojazshura 10 months ago
It depends what the meaning of 'is is.
Gajar 10 months ago
Psst, Gillette, there are people called bisexual people.
Maujar 9 months ago
Can you blame em?
Brajind 9 months ago
Living proof you can't fight DNA
Gardazil 9 months ago
Just watching? Not going "AWWWW!" at every missed goal?
Torisar 9 months ago
Do unto others before they do unto you.

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