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459 12:208 months ago

I would recommend the movie "Targeted" to better understand the US version of gun law.

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Nik 8 months ago
it's capitalism, this is socialism...
Faesho 8 months ago
He didn't make money, though.
Vudojora 7 months ago
fedex overnight ain't gonna work?
Tojazshura 7 months ago
It depends what the meaning of 'is is.
Gajar 7 months ago
Psst, Gillette, there are people called bisexual people.
Maujar 7 months ago
Can you blame em?
Brajind 7 months ago
Living proof you can't fight DNA
Gardazil 7 months ago
Just watching? Not going "AWWWW!" at every missed goal?
Torisar 6 months ago
Do unto others before they do unto you.

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