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I'm not sure which is worse: The fact that they are showing a blatant political bias in this nonsensical decision; or the fact that this occurred so soon after the last vandalism of the star, that it sets a precedent that criminals get their way.

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Magul 10 months ago
What do you mean by real?
Nazil 10 months ago
I also recommend for you spellcheck.
Kazikus 10 months ago
Send me a pic you shouldn't
Yojas 10 months ago
Ok if you are saying so????
Akinonos 10 months ago
On the contrary I presented one yesterday.
Zulkibei 10 months ago
That's the nature of logic.
Zulkidal 9 months ago
Indeed? You make me blush.
Kilkree 9 months ago
Maybe one quick jerk.
Akilabar 9 months ago
Fact is you primewonk are deplorable.
Nacage 9 months ago
hahahahah best of luck
Teran 9 months ago
Never mind. It isn't worth a response.
Akinorg 9 months ago
January it was disclosed.
Shatilar 9 months ago
DO not kill is one of the 10 commandments.
Telkis 8 months ago
Seems more like he means an anti-theist.
Shakadal 8 months ago
Boker Tov sweet Brother,
Zoloktilar 8 months ago
I?ll take my chances on that one, too.
Ganris 8 months ago
My comment was based on the fact you referenced

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