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925 07:069 months ago

Isn't arrogance one of the sins that condemns you to Hell? Because, if it is, you're well on your way, kiddo.

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Nagor 9 months ago
Grape Ape on defense, you sleeping ;-)
Melkis 9 months ago
why? what law was broken?
Yozshugami 9 months ago
Thanks Sunni. Long time, no see :)
Jukasa 9 months ago
You are late to the party comrade
Goshakar 9 months ago
You barely pass a Turing test.
Shakagor 9 months ago
Give it to me
Tezshura 8 months ago
Mazuramar 8 months ago
Oh yes. Much better. The sprite/water defense.
Kagazshura 8 months ago
"the egotistical, are the fools that deny the truth"
Daishicage 8 months ago
that is not what I envision.
Malagis 8 months ago
Oh good, I am glad we cleared that up.
Mauk 8 months ago
I've never had it done before ??
Zutaur 8 months ago
Let's try the original:
Salmaran 8 months ago
Steve? Is that Steve from Project Steve?
Daigis 7 months ago
I just did, Vaseline Boy.
Mojind 7 months ago
Ahh so you're just trolling.
Shaktimuro 7 months ago
that's actually so true
Arakinos 7 months ago
power off button................problem solved
Tauhn 6 months ago
That's sad to hear. He was only 32.
Kigarg 6 months ago
You are so cute Luba
Kazikazahn 6 months ago
oh here we go again, rolling my eyes!!!

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