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196 51:4311 months ago

As an atheist who came quite close to death, I can tell you that your statement is incorrect.

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Mezticage 11 months ago
Have you never heard of gigolos ?
Dorn 11 months ago
Many tribes were nomadic.
Meztitilar 11 months ago
The Pointy-Haired Boss is definitely not listening.
Tygoll 10 months ago
Saw that and it made me a lot angrier
Mezigore 10 months ago
A very good posting.
Kigasar 10 months ago
And then as Adult they will be Just Good.
Akikree 10 months ago
Where is the conflict? Gay people just existing?
Fenrihn 9 months ago
And it was sooooooooooooo peaceful! ;-)
Moogutilar 9 months ago
Mueller has no case and he knows it
Tabar 9 months ago
Lol naw, no need to be haha
Vutilar 9 months ago
You just enjoy being so wrong, don't you?
Kazijar 9 months ago
So would you like to sell me your daughter?
Voodoolar 8 months ago
Who?s this guy? Where?s the bacon at?
Kazilkree 8 months ago
Sorry to hear that
Disida 8 months ago
Yeah. He didn't post any pictures or anything... (Deleted)
Aragis 8 months ago
O'bugger should change back to his Original gender identification...perv
Akitaxe 7 months ago
Play the Doubting Thomas if you will.
Dounos 7 months ago
I don't know if I have seen that
Aradal 7 months ago
Then I'm out, no wife, no kids. *grin*

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