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I ate some baked beans and I have to tell you, there is rapture going on right now.

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Arashinris 10 months ago
Ouch! Omg! I am so sorry. Sounds painful AF!
Todal 10 months ago
Hey nice!! hahaha
Meztim 10 months ago
Razor wire would be more effective.
Daihn 10 months ago
Then u succeeded ??????
Kagaran 10 months ago
Keep your arguments clean, and your sex life dirty!
Sarg 10 months ago
Obama had a legacy ???
Muzil 10 months ago
The Bible contains many thousands of lies. Fact.
Vulkis 10 months ago
Your welcome, glad I can help
Ninos 9 months ago
What did you think I meant? Yes.
Aralrajas 9 months ago
Science has helped more people than prayer.
Molrajas 9 months ago
Another lecture in language usage:
Arashilabar 9 months ago
I think Putin would prefer Florida anyway. Less bugs.
Magami 9 months ago
I?m not sure right now.
Faekinos 8 months ago
Does this mean you are the messiah returned?
Daibei 8 months ago
Scoot over. I got dibs on the left side.
Goltirg 8 months ago
Nope. lol. liar lol
Tojagore 8 months ago
"You can't possibly be this disabled"
Moogut 7 months ago
Hmmm...So this is where everybody went!
Nijin 7 months ago
Or at least the stories told about him.
Makus 7 months ago
That's awesome actually, good for you

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