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742 08:2811 months ago

Why do you come to a Christian? Take this gotcha to the Jews.

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Kajijar 11 months ago
What? That aging being is a proof?
Kazrar 10 months ago
You're talking with another far right anti science weirdo.
Mur 10 months ago
Your leaving out awareness of the emotions at work.
Akinotilar 10 months ago
Then God has dodged my question.
Musida 10 months ago
Oh yes and it was the best sex ever
Daishicage 9 months ago
Bahahahaha!!! GOP landslide straight down the toilet.
Maunris 9 months ago
Actually I dont. Im tech challenged!
Maubar 9 months ago
after one hour ..
Samujind 9 months ago
You already tossed the softball dupe ...
Shakalkis 9 months ago
I will tell the wife ya said so ?
Arashik 9 months ago
See my previous reply.
Dikus 8 months ago
I?m a Disney fan.
Sharan 8 months ago
LOL loved yur comment and do "get it"
Daijinn 8 months ago
What evidence of a world wide flood?
Samugor 8 months ago
Filthy piece of crap
Zuluzuru 7 months ago
Oh my. The bottle is beautiful!
Kigagis 7 months ago
Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 83, Number 17
Mezigis 7 months ago
The Democrats haven?t accepted the ?60 election...
Vudoktilar 7 months ago
Probably because it is true?
Akiktilar 7 months ago
No problem. The mods have MOD by their name.
Kijar 7 months ago
Shhhh.reason has no place within these discussions.
Taur 6 months ago
You are smart man to credit your wife first....
Tygotaur 6 months ago
oh my, fascists, commies, socialists, [email protected], oh my!

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